A Green Roof will really set your cabin apart. There are many benefits:

  • It looks good! It replaces any green space lost to the footprint of the structure or creates a garden where there was once rough ground. Plants that thrive in dry climates, such as sedum are most suitable but many more will happily survive with a bit of care.
  • Water runoff is slowed down and can be collected from the roof and used in dry periods if necessary.
  • A green roof also adds to the insulation value of the roof, keeping warmth inside in winter and keeping the structure cool in summer.

The roof is made up of several layers; a waterproof layer to keep the roof structure dry. Then a drainage layer that also acts as a water store in dry periods. A root barrier layer prevents roots penetrating the layers below. The substrate layer is made up of lightweight expanded clay mixed with compost. We normally use compost recycled from local waste collections. The plant layer is then normally laid in a similar way to turf, or plants can be individually planted if the substrate layer is deep enough.