There are two compelling reasons why we try and build our cabins in a sustainable way and hope that during their lifetime they do not have a negative effect on the environment. Firstly, the construction industry is a big user of natural resources so it is important that these resources are used responsibly, and ideally renewably. Secondly, fossil fuel use, both in construction and everyday use, leads to climate change so using renewable sources of energy will help to mitigate this.

We try and achieve sustainable construction by using renewable and recyclable materials, reducing energy consumption and waste, creating a healthy, environmentally-friendly product and protecting the natural environment.

Below are some of the ways we try and achieve these objectives:

ElementWhat We DoReasons
The BaseUse groundscrews to avoid the use of a concrete slab where possible.The production of cement is energy intensive.
The ground remains relatively undisturbed so can be reused in the future if needed
The Walls and RoofTimber FrameFraming is grown from sustainable sources and has low embodied energy
SheathingOSB (Oriented Strand Board)Less waste in the production process, uses less mature trees
Roof Waterproof LayerEDPM RubberDue to its extended lifespan and reusability, EPDM is recognised to be an environmentally friendly material with significant advantages over other types of roof membranes
CladdingHardwood, Thermowood and SoftwoodAll the timber cladding is produced from sustainable sources. Most cladding materials need little treatment other than to maintain colour and will last in excess of 30 years.
InsulationRockwool, Expanded Polystyrene Sheets (EPS), Celotex, Woodfibre, Sheeps WoolInsulation is the key to comfort and low running costs. We generally try to meet or exceed current building regulations where possible. Some of the most environmentally friendly insulation materials in terms of embedded energy take up more room than, for example celotex or EPS, so it is a compromise when space is limited, but generally the more the better.
Green RoofExpanded clay substrate, Local Authority compostA Green Roof adds to the insulation value of the cabin, attracts wildlife and needs very little maintenance.
Construction WasteWaste is kept to a minimum and offcuts recycledThere is inevitably waste but it can be reduced with careful design. Timber waste is donated for use in woodburners. Some waste cannot be recycled and is disposed of responsibly.
Recycled MaterialsRecycled materials are used as part of the design.We have used recycled materials for internal and external cladding, for example, where they feature prominently as a design feature.